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The solar is shining via the huge buying home windows in Efva Attling`s biggest idea store, placed on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm, Sweden. It`s early morning and the town slowly awakens. Outside the home windows, humans are walking via way of means of. But in the store, there`s extra movement. Soft jazz track is playing, giving the room an air of New York. The heady fragrance of sparkling lilies is pleasant.

 Efva has designed wedding ceremonies and engagement jewelry when you consider that she commenced her commercial enterprise extra than two decades ago. She creates jewelry in 18 carats of gold, white gold, and silver. To have an effect on and encourage humans has continually been crucial to Efva. She calls her layout Beauty with an idea and every series has its personal precise message. Today, the listing of humans carrying her wedding ceremony and engagement jewelry is long; “I experience proud and honored to be a fashion dressmaker for love”.

 Efva walks up the steps to the top ground of the store. After her comes Helena, Soledad, and Jenny, who all have day by day touch with the clients – each in shops and via the web client carrier. Throughout their a few years in the company, they`ve replied extra or much less to each query associated with the wedding ceremony and engagement jewelry there is. Together they may attempt to solve a number of the maximum not unusual place questions. We take a seat down withinside the pink velvet sofas. This is the location in which excited couples each week are attempting out engagement and wedding ceremony jewelry from the white wedding ceremony box, packed with Efvas layout.

 What is your high-quality recommendation to a person who`s approximately to select an engagement or wedding ceremony ring?

“I suppose it`s frequently approximately pleasing vintage dreams”, Efva starts. “Many people have had a hoop of our dream when you consider that we have been a child. Like a positive layout that was given caught and has to turn out to be your selected choice. In the one’s cases, I suppose you in reality have to cross for that one.”

 “We commonly inform our clients there aren’t any musts in both the selection of engagement or wedding ceremony ring.” Helena continues: “Instead, we’re looking to assist the client to discover jewelry that mirrors their personalities.”

 As with everything, there`re many tendencies in terms of engagement and wedding ceremony jewelry. What might you be saying is the most powerful proper now?

“Today, it`s an extra, not unusual place to select a solitaire ring for the thought, then it becomes perhaps 10 years ago. Before that, in Sweden, engagement jewelry has been undeniable jewelry in gold or silver. You needed to anticipate the diamonds till the marriage. But humans are extra impatient today, they need the diamonds as quickly as feasible – the American way”, says Jenny.

 “That`s smart”, Efva smiles. “You by no means understand what happens.”

 “Some humans are seeking out a huge middle stone with smaller diamonds at the sides, a few preferers something discreet. And there also are folks that need a virtually, virtually massive rock. Most of the jewelry that Efva has designed suits thoroughly together, they turn out to be like one piece while you upload the marriage ring. Like Circle of Love and Crown Wedding, for example.”

 “If you discover a ring that is probably tough to mix with a marriage ring, I don`t suppose you need to fear approximately that. You can honestly select to put on the engagement ring on the opposite hand, while you have become married”, Jenny says. “Many of our clients do that.”

 What type of tendencies are you able to see in terms of jewelry for men?

“I actually have truly designed a hoop that`s very famous amongst guys. It`s a touch thinner on one side – I`ve named it Irregular. It`s ideal in case you`re now no longer used to carrying jewelry and are seeking out an extra snug ring. Efva continues; “We additionally have a skinny ring with black diamonds, which may be very nice. But you oughtn’t to put on a hoop in gold. Some humans simply experience extra snug in silver, it doesn`t matter.”

 What have you done, in case you and your associate have a very distinctive flavor in layout – is it crucial that the jewelry is in shape every other?

“No, really now no longer. Jewelry is so personal, and I virtually suppose it has to be too. You understand who you`re engaged to – hopefully!” Efva laughs. “And in case you forget, you could continually appearance in the ring, if it`s engraved.”

 Today it`s not unusual to place to allow the thought to be a surprise. What`s your recommendation to folks that need to shop for a hoop without their associate understanding approximately it?

“You ought to take numerous components into attention while you`re going to select the engagement ring. The ring length, and the way extensive the hoop is, for example.” Soledad continues; “Your proper ring finger and your left ring finger are hardly ever the equal sizes. And in case you`re now no longer engaged or married, you may not have a hoop that suits your left ring finger. But in case your associate has a hoop that suits the suitable finger and is withinside the equal width as the only one you would love to shop for, you could use that ring as a preference. We additionally have a very good length guide.”

 “It`s additionally feasible to lease an engagement ring to your thought,” says Jenny. “We have a carrier that we call `Say Yes`, which offers you the possibility to lease a mockup for 14 days. You can use the mockup while you ask the massive query. Then you could select the actual ring together, afterward. The shipping time for our engagement jewelry is multiple weeks for the reason that jewelry is made via way of means of hand upon request. But while you lease a hoop, you`ll get it inside 1-three commercial enterprise days in case you location the order online, or the equal day in case you go to any of our shops. This way, you don`t ought to make a massive funding proper away.

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