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Ford Mustang GT350R Patrons Information

I do know what you’re considering. PJ, why within the hell are you writing a patron’s information on a mustang? Imagine me, I get it. I didn’t assume I’d ever see the day both, however when an automobile is a hack, it must be acknowledged and while a whole lot of American automobiles are NOT hacks, this specific trim mannequin of the mustang lineage is.

The Ford Mustang GT350R is comparatively newer within the lengthy line of Mustangs, so naked this in thought. It’s within the third Era of Shelby tried Mustangs ie Ford Efficiency fashions.

In 2015 on the North American Worldwide Auto Present the GT350R was launched to be the extra track-focused, hardcore, and LIMITED PRODUCTION (that’s the key right here to the packability) model of the Mustang GT350. The automobile’s efficiency stats would degree it in opposition to the Chevy Camaro Z28 and the Porsche 911 GT3, which was a degree that even shocked me.

Now, I do know that that is EXOTIC automobile hacks, however once more, I can’t deny when an automobile is hackable, no matter if it’s EXOTIC, JDM, American, overseas, luxurious, no matter. So, in case you are the kind of one that is excited about a heavy, loud, guide, and heritage-centric drive, then preserving studying as a result of the GT350R could be for you.

Driving Expertise

Today we all know that guide automobiles are being phased out, hell even gasoline-powered automobiles are being phased out slowly however absolutely. So routinely, the provision and demand for guide automobiles are known as into query, which in fact provides the guide automobiles a bonus by way of appreciating worth. However, that isn’t to say that every guide automobile will respect or be protected from depreciation.

The actual fact the GT350R is a restricted manufacturing, excessive trim degree, guide automobile is what provides it its hack skill over different automobiles. With a 5.2-liter flat airplane crank V8 engine, producing 526 horsepower and 429 kilos of torque, taking the automobile from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and down a 1 / 4-mile monitor in 12.1 seconds.

What might shock you is the engine of the GT350 and the GT350R are precisely identical, nonetheless different mechanical variations are liable for the higher pace and superior monitor dealing with the GT350R. The R provides heavy obligation springs which provide a stiffer suspension, whereas this will not be excellent for each day driving, it is a monitor-centered automobile, so preserve that in thoughts.

The R’s engine additionally provides coolers to assist cool the engine and the fluids inside it, providing a smoother and slicker inner combustion sequence, enabling the automobile to carry out higher.

The GT350R additionally boasts carbon fiber wheels, serving to lower the general weight of the automobile in the place it issues most. Making rational inertia generally improved resulting from much less weight needing to be moved.

The automobile then spends much less vitality transferring the wheels and is ready to distribute energy elsewhere. The carbon fiber wheels additionally demand an extra becoming tire. Inventory the GT350R was given Sport Cup 2 Summertime Solely Tires from Michelin, which are road-authorized slicks, which also need to primarily deter you from making an attempt to take this beast down a wet street to go choose up groceries.

In fact, there are different additions to the GT350R to make it extra of a pace demon, aerodynamic options such because the small rear wing, bigger entrance vents and grill, and many others. So there ought to be no questioning of the place this automobile is greatest to carry out, the reply is a convincing: on the monitor.

Ford Mustang GT350R Frequent Issues

One of many greatest issues that folks have reported with their GT350R is that they have a tough time preserving a degree of oil stress. That is mentioned to have been tackling with a recall again in 2017, nonetheless newer fashions are nonetheless being produced with points much like this, and all are linked in the direction of the oil cooler, a hose that connects the tube tends to fail, inflicting an oil leak and resulting in mentioned difficulty. That is one thing that a PPI might not catch as it’s an extremely inner part of the engine and except the leak is HIGHLY important, it will not be seen at the store doing the inspection on the time. Nonetheless, it’s one thing it’s best to keep watch over.

If you wish to evaluate the aforementioned recall and others that were known for the Ford Mustang GT350R go to the hyperlink HERE

Ford Mustang GT350R Price of Possession/Upkeep

One of the superb and relying on who you ask, unhappy, issues in regard to the GT350R is that’s is a Ford. This means the price of possession for these automobiles is truthfully comparatively low compared to most of the different unique and luxurious fashions we discuss inside this neighborhood. The automobile is made in America, as are the components, making them cheaper. The automobile itself has a comparatively easy development which suggests most mechanics can and can work on these automobiles without hesitation.

One snag you might run into is that should you intend to make use of the automobile for the monitor, you can be spending extra by way of tires and brakes as you’ll blow by means of them. The tires on the GT350R are particular Michelins which can be road-authorized slicks that should be adorned on the automobile for the perfect drive in addition to for the pace score, preserving the motive force protected. These tires aren’t as mass-produced as others in order that they are typically the costlier facet.

The wheels on the Ford GT350R are additionally price mentioning as their carbon fiber. They’re $4,000 A PIECE, which suggests should you aren’t paying consideration and curb a wheel, not solely are you able to not do a fast repair, but, you’ll be out an excellent chunk of change to get an alternative.

When coping with larger degree trims on efficiency automobiles, there’s all the time going to be extra greenback concerns. Since these are automobiles that can be monitored centric, it might be extremely good of you to get your automobile PPI’d, this may allow you to know the situation of the tires/brakes/general automobile and you’ll want to ask the store to get an ECU studying to see how the monitoring went, as some prefer to redline greater than others. And while monitor days are enjoyable, they are often pricey over time, so preserve this in thoughts when selecting your GT350R.

Ford Mustang GT350R Trim Variations

There aren’t any further trim ranges to the GT350R because it itself is the very best trim degree of the GT350 Mustang.

Ford Mustang GT350R Choices

There aren’t actually any specific choices for the GT350R because the R is a trim degree that makes the automobile come normal with extra carbon fiber, carbon fiber wheels, the rear wing, etc. The one actual variations the automobile can have are the inside and exterior coloration mixtures, nonetheless they’re additionally restricted as it is a restricted manufacturing automobile, so there isn’t an actual BAD coloration mixture for the GT350R, some might go for the white exterior with blue stripe for the nod to Ford’s racing heritage (very like the Ford GT), however, there isn’t a higher or worse between the already handful of choices.

Finest Ford Mustang GT350R To Purchase

The GT350R was produced from 2015-2020 and by way of hack skill and in addition specs/miles to worth, the 2019 fashions are those that you will wish to go for over the sooner years.


I do know there are all the time going to be individuals who have a draw to American-made automobiles. Whereas I personally don’t, I do know I can’t communicate with everybody. There are only a few American automobiles that I’d even dare to whisper about in this group, however, the Mustang GT350R is one I’m virtually form of proud to speak about.

Many members inside this neighborhood are present house owners of this automobile and in addition, many members are previous house owners, with dozens of others trying to be potential members, so I wished to offer you some info from my non-biased standpoint.

If you would like American, with a racing heritage, monitor-centric focus, and guide transmission, to me there isn’t a higher automobile to tick all these containers for the worth than the Ford Mustang GT350R.

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