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Can You Put on Gold and Silver Jewellery at the Identical Time?

Can you wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time? The short answer to that question is yes, but there are a few rules you need to know. Keep reading below!

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If you’re like the average woman and own $7000 worth of jewelry, you likely have trouble deciding what you want to wear each day. You likely have different pieces that you want to pair up, but fear clashing too much. How much can you get away with?

Here, we’re going to talk about whether or not you can wear your favorite gold and silver jewelry together. Read on to learn why matching metals is in and how you can create an awesome look using all your favorite pieces!

Can You Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

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Short answer: yes.

You can definitely mix and match gold jewelry with silver pieces! This is true regardless of what type of gold you prefer. Silver is a neutral-look metal and won’t clash with rose or yellow gold (despite looking the most similar to white gold).

However, wearing both gold and silver at once can look lopsided when you place your favorite pieces incorrectly. You need to aim for balance in the number of pieces that you wear with each metal.

If you wear a ton of silver jewelry with one large gold statement necklace, you’ll look awkward. Instead, wear that same gold necklace with a pair of matching-metal earrings and a ton of silver bracelets.

This will make you look more balanced and even for a cohesive aesthetic. Mixing and matching metals evenly is an important concept, so try to get as close as possible to an even number of gold vs silver pieces.

Understand the Four Jewelry Regions

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Most women wear jewelry in four visible areas across the body. They are:

  • The neck/chest (chokers and necklaces)
  • The wrist (bracelets and bangles)
  • The ears (earrings, including studs, hoops, and dangling styles)
  • The fingers (rings of varying thicknesses, metals, and colors)

These areas constitute the four central jewelry regions.

Some people also like ankle bracelets. This constitutes a fifth central jewelry region for these individuals.

You don’t always need to wear jewelry in all these locations, but you can! When you do, though, consider the placement of each piece. If you’re mixing and matching metals, you might want to do so within a single region.

For example, you might create balance in the neck/chest region by wearing an even number of necklaces in each metal. One silver necklace will look great with one gold one (or even two gold necklaces if the silver one is in the center). However, it will look weird if you have one silver necklace and 3+ gold ones.

You also can mix metals with similar sizes and textures throughout multiple regions. This creates motifs across the entirety of your outfit and looks amazing.

Choose Mixed-Metal Pieces for Smooth Transitions

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Some gorgeous pieces already are mixed metal on their own. These pieces are designed with both silver and gold for an internally-complex yet consistent look.

This is a tried-and-true way to even out your look. In fact, mixed-metal necklaces, rings, and bracelets are often called “bridge pieces!” They serve as a bridge between the two types of jewelry you want to wear.

One example of this would be a necklace with a charm that is made from sterling silver threaded around a gold chain. Some rings and bracelets are made with two bands woven together that are made from different metals. You may even find earrings that feature silver designs on one ear and gold designs on the other- after all, asymmetry is in!

These pieces work well on their own. However, they also might serve as transitional pieces for those looking to wear both gold and silver pieces at once. You can wear them in between a gold and silver piece to seamlessly move between them. This creates an effortless balance, especially if you’re looking to wear an odd number of items within one jewelry region.

Don’t Overdo It

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Many people try to wear tons of pieces at the same time. They want to show off all of their favorite jewelry at once. Unfortunately, this often means a lot of clashing in addition to a lopsided or top-heavy aesthetic.

If you’re trying to wear more than one ring at a time, for example, don’t overdo the quantity. Don’t wear more than 2-3 rings at a time, especially on the same finger. Your chances of clashing decrease when you’re subtle and sophisticated.

Make sure that every piece you select is intentional and seamlessly integrates into the bigger picture of your outfit. For example, if you really want to wear a gold bangle with 4 silver bracelets, you’ll need to throw on a pair of gold earrings and a golden necklace. This makes it look purposeful and well-thought-through.

Match Style (Rather Than Metal Shade)

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There are tons of different jewelry styles as well as multiple types of metal. Because of this, a gold necklace may actually match perfectly with a pair of silver earrings.

But how is this true?

If you have a pair of silver dangling earrings that have a small rose at the end, it won’t just match with other silver pieces. It also will match with any piece that features that same tiny rose. You might be able to pair it with a gold necklace that features the same floral charm, creating a theme throughout your jewelry.

Keeping style in mind when choosing your jewelry is critical because it lets you mix and match things that you previously would have not thought possible.

Pair Gorgeous Silver and Gold Jewelry Together Today

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While many people think that gold and silver jewelry need to be kept separate, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s advantageous to mix and match metals. It creates a more complex, layered look that stands out in a unique and gorgeous way.

Now that you know the basics of mixing silver and gold jewelry, it’s time to begin sprucing up your wardrobe with modern and classic pieces. Roma Designer Jewelry is committed to providing every woman with affordable luxury and infinite ways to look amazing. Shop our new arrivals to buy gorgeous gold and silver pieces to pair with one another.

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